CEO Message

Welcome to Daewon Web-site

Ever since its establishment in 1989, Daewon Chemical has been making a steady growth in the compound industry.
We now develop and deliver products that enable our customers to be more competitive in their respective markets.
After supplying satisfying compounds to automotive manufacturers with very high expectations on their product quality,
Daewon Chemical has received recognition as the major supplier of Air-Conditioning System compounding to Hyundai/Kia Automotive.
Recently, Daewon’s first attempt to develop paintless compound turned out so successful that it gained approval by Hyundai and Kia Motors.
Based on our capability to develop innovative products, we currently strive to diversify our materials and expand our products into areas other than finished vehicles.
We will not cease to develop materials that enhance the quality of customer products, thereby boosting competitiveness of customer products in their markets.
Neither will we cease to develop materials that lower customer costs. All of the employees at Daewon Chemical are committed to building a reliable
compounding company, always remembering to grow relationships with their customers.
Thank you.