Privacy Policy

Daewon Chemical Privacy Policy (Amendments to Aug 28)
1)Daewon Chemical Corporation (the "Company") protects the users' personal information and rights under Article 30 of the Privacy Act. The following policy is provided to help users cope with difficulties related to personal information
2)If the company revises the privacy policy, it will notify the company through the website ( notice.
[Article 1] Purpose of Personal Information Handling
1) The company collects and processes personal information for the following purposes.
Personal information being processed is not used for any other purpose. In the event that the purpose of use is changed, the necessary measures will be implemented, such as obtaining a separate consent pursuant to Article 18 of the Privacy Act.
2)The purpose of processing personal information is as follows:
Handling Customer Email Inquiries
[Article 2] Personal Information Processing and Retention Period
The personal information shall be kept until the completion of processing the customer's e-mail message and the information shall be destroyed without delay once the purpose of use has been achieved.
Contracts, payments and records related to consumer disputes shall be kept separately in accordance with the relevant laws.
[Article 3] Provide the third person of personal information
In principle, the company does not provide the users' personal information to the outside world.
However, personal information collected is provided to third parties only in the event of Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as consent of the information subject and special provisions of the Act.
[Article 4] Consignment of Personal Information
The company entrusts the entire industry to an outside professional company to perform the service as follows.

* Handler: Cafe 24 (Corporation)

* Contents of consignment: website and system management

[Article 5] Rights, responsibilities and methods of exercise of the information subjects
1)Information subject (the legal representative is referred to as the legal representative) may exercise the right to personal information protection under any of the following at any time:

Personal information access demand
Correct errors, etc.
Deletion request
Request processing stop

2)The rights under paragraph 1 can be exercised through written or telephone, e-mail, or FAX, and the company will take proper action without delay.
3)If the information subject requires correction or deletion of personal information errors, the company shall
4)The rights under paragraph 1 may be exercised through a representative, such as a legal representative of the information subject or a delegated person.
In this case, you must submit a letter of attorney according to the form No. 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Privacy Act.
5)The information subject shall not violate the pertinent statutes, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, to violate the privacy and privacy of the information subject to the company's handling.
[Article 6] Items on the installation, operation and refusal of personal information automatic collection devices
1) In some cases, cookies (cookie) are installed and operated to store and retrieve customer information through Internet service provided on the company's homepage.
A cookie is a string of information that a web server sends to a web browser, stores, and sends back to the server when additional requests are made from the server.
When users access the website, they read the contents of cookies in the user's browser.
You can find additional information and provide the service without additional input such as the name of the connection.

2)Information collected by the company through cookies is for name, email address, contact, etc. No other information is collected.

① Track the contents of interest and provide personalized service on the next connection

② Analyse user's habits and use them as a measure of service improvement, etc.

③ Other data related to home page reorganization is utilized

[Article 7] Personal Information Items to be processed
The company is handling the following personal information collection items:
1) In case of handling customer statements


Contact Information


Contacts, Address (optional)

[Article 8] Privacy Disposal
1)When personal information becomes unnecessary, such as the expiration of the period of personal information retention and the achievement of processing purpose, the company destroys the personal information without delay.
2)Personal information received by the main body of information may be transferred to other laws even though the personal information retention period has expired or the processing purpose has been achieved.
If the data needs to be retained, transfer the personal information to a separate database (DB) or archive location.

3)The procedure and procedure for the destruction of personal information are as follows.

① Disposal procedure
- The company will select the personal information that caused the destruction and destroy the personal information within five days after obtaining approval from the person in charge of personal information protection under Article 10 of this processing guideline.

② Destruction method
- The company deletes personal information stored in electronic file format using a technical method that cannot play back records.
Personal information recorded and saved in a paper document is shredded or incinerated with shredder.

[Article 9] Measures for securing personal information safety
The company takes the following actions to secure personal information safety.
① Management measures : establishment and execution of an internal management plan, regular employee training, etc.
② Technical measures : management of access authority, installation of access control system, installation of security programs, etc.
③ Physical actions : Control access to the data storage room, etc.
[Article 10] Personal Information Officer
The company is responsible for the overall personal information handling activities and is responsible for the information
Personal information protection manager is designated as follows for complaints handling and damage relief purposes.
If you have any questions regarding your personal information, please contact the person below

Privacy officer
Name : Park, Sung-Min
Position : Personnel Team Leader

Personal Information Protection Team
Team name: Personnel Team
Person: Jang, Kyung-kyun
Contact : Tel. 0704-4491-2713 / Fax. 031-211-7010 / E-mail.
[Article 11] Requesting access to personal information
The information subject may request the following departments to access personal information pursuant to Article 35 of the Privacy Act.
The company will strive to swiftly process the personal information access claim of the information subject.

Receiving and processing team for personal information access
Team name: Personnel team
Contact : Tel. 070-4491-2713 / Note: 7F of Gwanggyo Stein Building, Ie-dong, Youngtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do
[Article 12] Ways of Rights infringement
For the information, you can inquire about the following agencies for personal information infringement and counseling.

Korea Internet Service(KISA)
Submission : Personal information violation report and request consultation
Homepage :
Phone: (No National Number) 118
Address: (58324) Privacy Report Center on 9F of Jinheung-gil, Naju, South Jeolla Province

Personal Information Dispute Coordination Committee
Subcontractor: Personal information conflict adjustment application, collective conflict adjustment (private settlement)
Homepage :
Phone: 1833-6972
Address: (30171) Government Complex Seoul 4F of Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office Cyber Crime Department
Phone: (No National Number) 1301
Homepage :

Cyber Security Agency
Phone: (No National Number) 182
Homepage :