Major R&D Performance

MIC : Mold in Color

Raw material → Injection → Paint → Complete product unlike the existing production method, where painting process is omitted as
' Raw material → injection → finished product '.
  • · Reduction in cost
  • · Metal texture and various colors
  • · Applicable to various fields and components
  • · Applicable to general purpose materials and engineering plastics
  • · Retention of Spec in Hyundai / Kia Motors MIC (MS22-19 Type-E)
  • · Retention of related patents

COT : Corrugated Tube

Corrugated Tube serves various purposes, with its main purpose in cleaning intra-external harness. of the engine room of a car and
its flame retardant. COT is also heat resistant, which makes it useful for withstanding high temperatures
for a long period of time in the vicinity

DICT-S, JS1531

The materials for IC container tube are suitable for storing products in the electronics industry, such as appliance and semiconductor.
Transparent products are easy to see visually and contain a product that has anti-static properties,
which allows static-resistant parts to be safely stored.
  • · Transparency
  • · Anti static

Antibacterial Material

The antibacterial materials are suitable for parts that require anti-bacterial resistance, such as automotive air conditioners, assist handles,
pillar trims, due to frequent physical contact and bacterial exposure.
  • · Passing anti-bacterial / antifungal testing
  • · Applicable parts : washing machine floor, air conditioning, vehicle assist handle, pillar trim, etc.

Lightweight Material

A product can be made lighter than PP+Talc materials by using lightweight material, which is strengthened with a glass bubble.
Because of its absence in chemical foam, lightweight material is useful for automotive parts that require lighter weight.
  • · Excellent product appearance
  • · Higher fuel efficiency
  • · Environment frinedly

Container Material

Polypropylene-based storage and storage containers that are reinforced for use at low temperatures. A product applies materials approved by FDA
can be implemented in a variety of colors and has excellent low temperature impact strength.
  • · Passing the hazardous substances elution test